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An Unexpected Haunting, a paranormal hen-lit comedy, is published by Anne Brooke Books.

Alicia Stonebright is more than happy with her life. She works for her beloved nephew Alex in the Stonebright Paranormal Agency and things are pretty good. Except for the odd mischievous ghost and her growing attraction to her new neighbour Tom, that is. Still, as a woman in her fifties, she’s sure she’s more than capable of handling both the spirits and her own hormones without too much embarrassment. She hopes.

However, the town ghosts have other ideas and very soon the level of hauntings reaches overwhelming proportions. The library appears to be the epicentre of the problem, and Alicia and Alex are determined to solve the mystery, with help from the rather eccentric members of their local paranormal committee. Could her neighbour’s rune books be an essential part of the solution? And, even if they are, will the Stonebright Agency ever uncover the heart of this unexpected haunting?

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Read an interview at Holly’s Quirky Questions and find out all about my inspiration for An Unexpected Haunting, as well as my writing process!


“Brooke is a gifted author writing across many genres and brilliantly so in all of them. Paranormal investigators, ghosts and spooky shenanigans accompany the reader through the pages of this novel, proving that Brooke’s pen really shines when writing supernatural tales. Firstly, I adored the protagonist, Alicia Stonebright. She could be anyone’s neighbour, co-worker or friend, and her cares and foibles are sure to bring lots of smiles and nods to readers. Brooke is a master at crafting story people you would love to have as friends. The other characters were just as delightful, from Alicia’s nephew who is her boss at his paranormal investigative agency, to her romantic interest, her hunky neighbour, and to the town librarian and citizens. With just a few strokes of her pen, Brooke lets you feel at home in this town, and makes you worry along with the town-folk as the ghosts cause mischief and mayhem. Booklovers will enjoy how the local library is the hotbed for the spectral activity. Brooke weaves the ghostly goings-on with such fun and mystery that readers will feel as much a part of the adventure as the paranormal investigators and everyone in the town. Likewise, she wraps it all up in a pleasing way, which is sure to leave readers with a big, satisfied smile. Anyone who loves books, ghostly fun, and stories with plenty of humour will find this novel is just their cup of tea.” (From a 5 star Amazon review)

“This book was very well written, and the storyline kept me interested throughout. I loved the sense of humor and witty personality of the main character. Even if paranormal activities aren’t your cup of tea, I genuinely think you will enjoy this book! I look forward to reading more by this author.” (From a 5 star Amazon review)

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