Dating the Delaneys (Delaneys *4)

Erotic short story, Dating the Delaneys, is published by Amber Allure Press. It is the sequel to The Delaneys and Me, Entertaining the Delaneys and The Art of The Delaneys.

Liam and the Delaney twins embark on their dating experiment with gusto. An encounter at the cinema proves explosive, but Liam wants more from them than just hot sex. Luckily so, it appears, do the Delaneys.

With this in mind, they whisk him away for a countryside picnic. He is delighted to see the lengths the Delaneys have gone to in order to provide a romantic dating experience. As their date comes to a climax, however, the twins have a startling proposal. Is Liam really ready for what they have in mind?

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"With her signature humor and impeccable knack for leaving the reader just a little bit hot and bothered by her boys, Anne Brooke delivers yet another winning chapter in the relationship between Liam and his twin gangster lovers, Mark and Johnny Delaney." (Read the rest of this review at Top 2 Bottom Reviews)

"If you've read and loved the other Delaney stories then this one is a must read. For the rest of you, I highly recommend going to the start of the series with The Delaneys and Me and working your way through to this one. I've already read all the stories several times and the series is fast becoming one of my go-to reads when I need something light, sexy and with a touch of humour." (Read the rest of this review at Brief Encounter Reviews)

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