I have written poetry in a wide variety of styles for over twenty years now and you can find out more about my assorted collections through this page. 

Poetry Collections:

Catching the Sky - Twitter

Catching the Sky

Poetry Collection, Catching the Sky, focuses on the small joys of life. Discover the delights of wild geese, unexpected buses, cake, books and peonies, to name but a few. In reading these poems, may you be inspired to find your own particular joys.

Begin Again

My new poetry collection focuses on the need for all of us, at one time or another, to begin again. In our professional lives and in our relationships. But how can we turn away from familiarity and walk an unknown path? Are there lessons we can learn from the natural world around us, and can the desire for renewal ever be truly fulfilled?

Sink or Swim

This collection recounts the experience of living through 2020, the year of Covid-19. It deals with the fear and uncertainty that the world had to face, and also suggests there is hope for our future.

Learning to Swim

It’s vital to celebrate the joys of learning new skills and experiencing new adventures. Dive right in today!

Flowers and Fabric

Life is stitched together in many ways, not all of them obvious. In this poetry collection, explore the relationship between the natural world and the world of our own hearts and minds. Discover the fragile balance between dreams and actions, and longing and acceptance.

Can we ever be truly said to live to the full in the present moment?

Seasons and Spaces

The value of space and the nature of seasons are becoming ever more important. Take some essential time out with this poetry collection, and discover again the value of nature, silence and thoughtful living.

Imagined in White
Sometimes life doesn’t work out in the way we’d hoped for or planned. Sometimes the world isn’t the place we thought it was. However, there are always pleasures to be found even on the darkest path, and curiosities often wait in the shadows if we would only turn and search for them. In this wide-ranging collection of poetry, discover the determined heart of flowers, the true strangeness of people and how the richest love can be found in the smallest of actions.

Dreaming in Blue
Dreaming in Blue focuses on the relationship between women and the world around them. Discover one woman’s search for the perfect life balance, and find out what is lost and what is gained on the journey. Can nature really soothe our minds, what is the role of people in our lives, and where can our freedom be found?

Thinking in Yellow
Thinking in Yellow focuses on the relationship between people and nature. It seeks to understand how the ordinary things of life can become extraordinary, and how the beauty around us can be a force for healing. Discover how a bird in the sky can change our perspective in an instant, how flowers can bring unexpected hope, and how letting go can be the greatest gift of all.

Sunday Haiku
Sunday Haiku is published as an ebook by Anne Brooke Books. It is a series of rich and meditative haikus designed to get you through your year positively.

Salt and Gold
A series of forty meditation poems based on the stories of Exodus and the Gospel of St Luke. Particular themes are light and darkness, journeying, prayer, and the inherent otherness of God. How can human beings truly respond to God’s mercy and justice in an imperfect world?

A Stranger's Table
A Stranger's Table features poems on the strangeness of everyday objects and events, and how they can help us see our lives in a fresh and intriguing way.

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