A Stranger's Table


A Strangers Table is a poetry collection published by Anne Brooke Books. The collection focuses on the strangeness of everyday life, and how even the simplest of objects or events can help us see with fresh eyes. An old table can be the entry to an unexplored history, a film can take us on a journey we never planned, and an infestation of wasps can turn into a war we never asked to fight.

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"There are lovely poems in Anne Brooke's A Stranger's Table … this is a book that (along with many by more famous poets) gives the lie to the idea that self-publication should be shameful." (Read the rest of this review at Galatea Resurrects Reviews)

“I have just recently discovered Brooke’s poetry and am so glad I did. This collection contains poetry that I will delight in returning to again and again to savor the richness of the imagery and the fullness of the realities of life.” (A 5 star Amazon review)

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